A Better Beach Bike

While you may think you have the coolest beach bike around, there is always someone who will come up with a bike more snazzy then yours. It doesn't matter what company made that bike or if your town thinks that beach cruiser bikes are a menace to society. If you want a cool looking bike this summer, you gotta have the following three things.

Bike Detailing

More and more beach bikes these days have the same careful detailing on the paint jobs as were seen on old beach jalopies in the good old days. Many of the bikes borrow images from bikers with hot mamas on the mud guards or flames spouting along the wheels.

Fat Tires

If you are planning to do some cruising down the beach, then you are gonna need some fat tires to do it in style. But not just any kind, they need to be extra soft, extra fat and with a paint job on the inside rim to match your ride.

Stretching Your Cool

Of course, if you really want to show off just how cool your ride can be, stretch that beach cruiser body and make a real stretch bike. Just lean back and ride the beach with your shades down low, because you have arrived.

Custom Colors

Every color under the sun is available for a bike including bright neon colors.

Detailed Paint

The paint job on a beach bike can be customized with super cool designs


What many bikes don't have today are fenders, a standard option for a beach bike.

Need for Speed

Beach bikes come in single speed, 3 speed, and 7 speed gear configurations.

Brake System

You won't find ugly cables on a beach bike. To brake, just simply back pedal.


There are many accessories available for a beach bike. Check them out.

The Ultimate Cool

The bottom line is perfectly clear. The best bikes have cool paint jobs that add detail to everything from the wheel rims to the fenders. When you are looking to express your cool, nothing quite does it like a customized beach bike.